About the Brazil Trip:

June 21 - July 1, 2013


The Nossa Familia Coffee tour is the brain child of Augusto Dias Carneiro, a native Brazilian who has been residing in Portland, Oregon since 1996. Augusto moved to Portland to attend the University of Portland. After graduating and working in engineering Augusto decided he’d like to create Nossa Familia Coffee. His main business is importing coffee from his family farm in Brazil and roasting it in Portland. His passion is sharing his family's coffee history and showcasing the farm and the beautiful area of Brazil. In this unique tour, Augusto will personally guide you through his family's coffee fields, gorgeous forests, and beautiful lush valleys in the hilly region where his family settled more than 120 years ago.

You'll be staying in Augusto's cousin's refined, century old family home, just outside the city of Pocos de Caldas (paw-sohs the cahl-das). Besides great coffee, the trip will include lots of cultural explorations, culinary delights, hikes, a great coffee "boot camp" experience as well as time for relaxation.

About the Region:

The city of Pocos de Caldas has a population of 150,000 and was founded in the mid 1800s. Initially, it was a hub of agricultural activity, then transitioning to a cultural and local tourism center with the introduction of the"Thermas"; (the roman style bath house), and with Palace Hotel, the 5 star hotel and Casino (gambling is now illegal in Brazil so you'll have to arrange your own poker matches in our hotel).

Pocos is a city rich in culture, with lots of live music, museums and art galleries, unique architecture, and public markets, such as the "Mercado"; and the "Feirinha" where you will feast your senses in the local culture.





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